Manyara Lake National Park

Manyara Lake National Park, Tanzania


The Lake Manyara National Park consists of forests, forests, herbal areas and marshes. During various times of year, tens of three thirds of the park is covered with water, and Lake Manyara is home to tens of thousands of flamingos and other unique bird species. The feature of Lake Manyara Park is the vast population of elephants, trees and lions that may be seen far closer than anywhere in the region. The biggest number of baboons in the world is also found in this park.


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Lake Manyara National Park's most popular activities are animals, canoeing (when water is high), mountain biking and bird watching. Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge is a tranquil refuge, mixing traditional style with modern comfort. Sit in and enjoy your well-equipped and colorful apartment inspired by the incredible natural beauty of our environment. Enjoy the views from the porch or take in your pull-out dress after a day of safari after the reflective facilities such as free Wi-Fi. For an extraordinary experience, book our exquisite Losimingori suites with a separate sitting area, a flat-screen TV and a balcony.

Lake Manyara's famous treetop lions were another reason to visit the park. During the rainy season the only kind of species in the world they produce old mahogany and magnificent acacias are known but rare features in the northern park. In addition to the lions, the National Park is also home to the most baboons in the world, because enormous families of the Primates are interested in this. If you'd want to visit Manyara Park, African Travelers Ltd is the finest choice.

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