Gombe Stream National Park

Kigoma District of Kigoma Region in Tanzania



African Travelers Ltd will take you through Gombe stream renowned by the primatologist Jane Goodall, this is one of the greatest sites to observe chimpanzees tracking in Tanzania to see these monkeys showing a virtually human behavior in their natural habitat! Apart from chimpanzees, red-tailed monkeys, blue singes, olive baboons, leopards and hippos are also to be seen. You may also enjoy walking, swimming in Lake Tanganyika and woodland hikes, as well as chimpanzee safaris.

Gombe offers many of different fauna. Habitat preferences and seasonal food cycles often dictate where a certain species may be at a certain moment (esp. chimpanzee). While Gombe chimpanzee is a favorite with wildlife observers that visit to the park, there are other remarkable creatures.


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Gombe is appealing to herpetologists and researchers because it offers dozens of reptiles and amphibians, some of which are peculiar to the park. In addition to an amazing animal encounter, proceed towards the Kakombe path and Mkenke valley to explore the splendid natural cascades of Kakombe and Mkenke.

The Gombe National Park has many unforgettable experiences, from seeing the pristine waters of Lake Tanganyika to exploring deep tropical forests. You can take long walks in the forest and observe the birds, watch the butterfly and visit Jane's top, walk on the mountains and take in large numbers of the timid and social African great apes make Gombe National Park a popular site for exciting chimpanzee hiking. The lake also offers a vast sport fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and swimming area. African Travelers Ltd the only touring specialist who will make sure you experience all your touring desires in Gombe National Park.

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