Arusha Region

Arusha Region in Tanzania


Tanzania has 31 administrative regions and Arusha region is one of them. Arusha is one of Tanzania destinations that attract high number of tourists being the Northern Tanzania’s safari circuit network. The region has Arusha National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a portion of Manyara Lake National Park, Loliondo Controlled Game Area, and Conservation Ngorongoro Area. Near Engaruka, on the gravel road between Natron Lake and Mto Wa Mbu Lake, there is of 600-year-old remnants of stone structures. Arusha has a HDI of 0.721 been Tanzania most developed region.


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Nyama Choma is a favorite dish among many people in Arusha, mostly the Maasai, Tanzania's northern barbecue. Nyama Choma is supplied with a local cold lager, the pilipili sauce and French fries' side.

The Arusha region's economy relies heavily on agriculture and cattle production. Commercial and small-scale agriculture are carried out in the area. Other economic activities include manufacturing, tourism and mining industries (which are rising rapidly) (which are growing fast). Arusha has strong attractions in hotel, international convention and financial institutions as well as superior communication and transportation networks.

The only tour to make you taste the Arusha Nyama choma and the pili pili sauce is African Travellers Ltd.

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