Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, all visitors are required to have a negative Covid19 certificate. The SARS-coV 2 Real-Time Polymerase is the only accepted test. It is carried out 72 hours before departure to Rwanda. The visitors should then upload the negative certificate in the passenger locator form before heading to the airport. Though accompanied children under 5 years do not require a test if they arrive, stay at the same address, and leave with the guardians with a negative test.

 Visitors that arrive and have the negative certificate may not be required to quarantine at the various designated hotels. They therefore will have to self-isolate themselves in their booked hotel rooms for at least 10 days. This exception is however to only those that provide the negative Covid certificates upon arrival, those that don’t will have to test and quarantine at government-selected centers at their own expense.

When in Rwanda it is advised that visitors adhere to the precautions against the virus set by the government. Such Precautions include wearing a mask when in public spaces, maintaining social distance, avoiding handshaking or hugging, and regular handwashing routines. It is advised that visitors have adequate health insurance and in case of health emergencies dial 112 or 912. These terms are constantly updated and it is therefore important to check the most recent reliable authority such as the RBC or ministry of health to get accurate information on COVID Measures via the following link: https://www.rbc.gov.rw/index.php?id=707  

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