Tanzania Tourist Attractions Destinations

Tanzania Tourist Attractions Destinations

Tanzania is an East African country located south of the equator, its capital city is Dodoma, and its official languages are English and Kiswahili with Kiswahili as its national language. Tanzania is an attraction site for visitors and the main reason most go to Tanzania is because of the safaris and the wildlife-related adventures. Tanzania attracts tourism with its mountains, parks, and rainforest as well as conservation areas.

Serengeti National Park

This park in Tanzania is rated among the best and most adventurous parks and is good for tours. In this park, you will see the beautiful savannah and experience the largest animal migration of blue wildebeest, zebra, Nile crocodiles, and badger which happens annually. Serengeti part will amaze you with the many numbers of animals it has including, carnivorous with the highest number of lions in the world, mammals, reptiles, and a large number of bird species.

Ngorongoro conservation area

Ngorongoro area is located on the northern side of Tanzania. This crate is home to the big five animals including elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, and rhinos. The Maasai tribe is allowed to graze their livestock here and leave at the end of the day. Ngorongoro conservation area also hosts major archaeological sites where hominine remains are found. When you travel here you will be advantaged to see the endangered black rhinoceros.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro happens to be the highest peak in Africa. Most tourists visit this mountain to have a chance to stand on this mountain as many enjoy the snow on it, others visit this mountain to try and get to the highest point. And if you are captivated by watching many birds of prey then the alpine zone will be your best choice. 

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