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On the far west side of Zimbabwe bordering Zambia is the Zambezi River. The best must-visit tourist site is the striking Victoria Falls on the river. Falling off a plunge of the height of 108 meters, and a width of 1,708 meters, the Victoria fall is famous for the largest mass of water all over the planet making it one of the seven wonders of the World. Popular at times of high season floods, (February to May), the sprig unnerved up from the plummeting water is often seen from a 30 miles radius, providing a magnificent display which initially gave the falls its native name "The Smoke That Thunders". The forests of River Zambezi are fascinating due to the baboons and delves, the cascading rock cliffs giving steams and mists that are photo-sighting providing a center of attraction.

Off the falls is the Victoria Falls Town which attracts many tourists and due to its intriguing popularity, it is always on the list for visitors a must-visit place. The town has ample entertainment activities besides the sight of the deep falls. There are a lot of activities for visitors which include white water rafting, riverboat cruising, abseiling, and the glorious Bungee Jumping. Edge produced by falls gorge gives viewpoints providing breathtaking scenes for the plunging waters rainbows hanging from the suspended chasm above it. The rumbling sound produced acts deafening while the spraying soaks the skin giving a spectacle that cannot be forgotten.

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