Planning a tour to Mutare? Worry no more, African Travellers Ltd assures you the best experience. We are delighted to help you make the most of your tour by helping, advising, and taking care of your needs using our high-quality expertise and experience in this field. We provide affordable packages for both economy and mid-range classes, in this Zimbabwean city, roughly at the southern-eastern highlands of the country. It is a city with lively restaurants and social life scenes, one of the cleanest, most organized, quietest and safest cities in Africa.

It is the country’s fourth-largest city laying a charming highland setting with fascinating guest houses. The city has plenty of accommodation to offer at various price ranges, for you to choose from. A tour around the city accompanied by one of our guides will leave you mesmerized by its natural beauty and attractions. The Mutare Museum portrays the best in giving the best of old-fashioned collection of cars, steam engines, and motorbikes. The best of nature is at the Vumba reserve giving magnificent views and the greatest adventurous safari walks to look for the flora and fauna in the Botanical Reserve. We also offer night game drives for you to experience thrilling adventures. The most fantastic is the drive, it will give you the best adventurous experience with the view from the top of the mountain. For most people the greatness is on Mutare is at the Nyanga National Park and Vumba Highland Mountains.

Some of the African wild in the Nyanga park are the endemic Samango monkey and the Swynnerton's Robin. The city has prosperous admirations on accommodations with attractive clutches of guests and cheap houses. Visitors enjoy stopovers on way mountain- hills hiking following the peculiar Samango monkey stopover the grueling East Highlands.

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