Interested in hiking in Matobo National Park? African Travellers Ltd is here to advise and help you with planning for the excursion. We are dedicated to serving tourists from all over the world with our expertise and experience gathered over the years. We offer affordable packages for both economy and middle-range classes according to your preferences. We also help you choose the best accommodation in line with your expectations and budget.

The Park is situated just 25 miles on the southern side of Bulawayo. It’s fascinating due to its rocky appearance making it possibly a top hiker’s destination. We provide you with highly trained guides and expert trackers who will lead you There are many ancient rocks created in art form creating an iconic view site for tourists. Apart from the rocky view, the park houses a variety of plants and animals. If you are hoping to see the black and white Rhinos then this is your place. The Park is also great as it holds the largest pack of leopards in Africa. Other species to see are the antelopes, impalas, and black eagles. For an enthralling experience, the park has activities like rock climbing, Boat racing and fishing, hiking, horse riding, and bird watching. You can also dine and wine in the beautiful and lavish lodges present in the park.

Off the park is Bulawayo, a city with lively restaurants and social life scenes where there is a radiating world attraction. The Bulawayo assertions of green boulevards line on some of the colonial-period buildings and also interesting museums like the Bulawayo Railway Museum popularly known due to the visit of Cecil Rhodes. Khami Ruins defining nature are uppermost on Bulawayo tours. The town has invested in some artistic shops which are intriguing, the to-date modern malls that put sparkling nights.

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