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Located in the northern far end of Zimbabwe is Mana Pool National Park. The Park is well-known for its pristine natural environs, characterized by Savannah, swamps, woodlands, and grassland, providing a great site for wildlife concentration including the buffalo, cheetah, elephant, and the leopard. According to the Shona, Zimbabwean major language Mana referred to four. It’s a haven for the water animals like the Nile crocodiles and hippos, living in four pools thus giving the park its name Mana Pool. Each pool is a substitute for the Zambezi River, which offers water to the herds of elephants and other animals that bathe and drink from there. The availability of water in plenty at the park has made it the main spot for birds, making it the best place for Safari walks and camping sites in the country.

The Park is a top tourist destination, visitors are guaranteed to get sight of many animals like elephants, buffalos, zebras, lions, and cheetahs. Trekking through the woodland forest one gets to see the Zambezi River that acts as the Zimbabwe-Zambia border. Nature walks in the park also give you a chance to experience nature more intimately. There are also nature walks and cultural encounters characterized by game nights offering enthralling adventures. A visit to the park mostly at night gives you a chance to enjoy some peace, full of life.

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