Interested in a magnificent adventure, then Lake Mutirikwi National Park has all you need. African Travellers Ltd is here to advise and help you with planning for the excursion. We are dedicated to serving tourists from all over the world with our expertise and experience gathered over the years. We offer affordable packages for both economy and middle-range classes according to your preferences. We also help you choose the best accommodation in line with your expectations and budget.

Located in the southeast of Zimbabwe, Lake Mutirikwi National Park is a frivolous place to enjoy adventure. It was popularly known as the Kyle National Park, a stylish viewpoint prone to many wildlife species like the Giraffes, White Rhinos, Buffaloes, Zebras, Leopards, Ostriches, Hippos, and Elands. The Park has rolling plains bound to the east that host the lake's main estuaries, bare the land grasslands. The forests of River Muturikwi are fascinating due to the baboons and delves, the cascading rock cliffs giving steams and mists that are photo-sighting, providing a center of attraction. Horse riding is also one of the fun activities, and you can visit some horse ranches in the Park and have a great time horseback riding. There are also nature safari walks and cultural encounters characterized by game nights offering enthralling adventures. If you are prone to safari walks, the Arboretum walk is your way out for splendid campsites and clubs. Experience the spectacular beauty of the expanse water mass from fascinating sunset watch, fishing, and water sport.

For accommodations, worry no more. You can dine and wine in the beautiful and lavish lodges. The Hippo Creek Lodge and the Norma Lakeview Resort are among many accommodation hotels and sites. Situated on the campsites are picnic spots mostly at night gives you a chance to enjoy some peace, full of life.

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