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On the northeastern side of Victoria Falls, is Lake Kariba the provender to this mass of water is River Zambezi. Just on the Zambia- Zimbabwe border, this captivating lake was formed after the massive construction of the known Kariba Dam. Experience the spectacular beauty of the expanse water mass from fascinating sunset watch, fishing, and water sport. Lake Kariba is the largest world’s man-made lake for its capacity holding. The lake stretches over a length of 220 kilometers to a 40 kilometers width.

It provides huge access to the dam with many fascinating engineering features. The lake has a rich ecology comprising fish, games, and birds. Visiting the lake is a must-do for most visitors. Apart from the large lake, one gets to see the cultural importance of the Kariba as preserved by the Tonga people who have resided the place for centuries and experience the African game view, fishing trip, and excursion through drifting of boats famously used in the traditional eras. Houseboats are other attractive things to find. So if you have never experienced this it’s certainly a thing to be added to a must-do list.

Lake Kariba is well-known as the best place to clasp tiger fish and the fierce freshwater species valued for their strengths and stubbornness by most of the fishermen making it one of a sport to view. while here. Well, if this is not enough one can visit the crocodile farm in Siavonga town a few kilometers from the Lake.

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