Planning an excursion to Harare? Bear no worries, African Travellers Ltd guarantees you the best quest experience. We are delighted to help you make intriguing memory out of your tour. Get help, advice as we take care of your needs through our high-quality service from the best expertise and experienced staff in this field. We provide affordable packages for both economy and mid-range classes, in the capital city of Zimbabwe. It is a city with lively restaurants, most organized, quietest, and safest city in Africa.

The city stands on the central highland plateaus of the country making it have many skyscrapers at the economic center. The history of the city is preserved in the Queen Victoria Museum, the National Archives, and the National Gallery. Just like other African destinations, Harare is boiling with art, a visit to art galleries, art centers, and craft shops will leave you intrigued by the talent of the artists. Additional attractions are found in the Botanic gardens strolled with jacaranda trees that keep the city splendid.

The city has plenty of accommodation to offer at affordable prices ranges. A tour around the city accompanied by one of our guides will leave you mesmerized by its natural beauty and attractions. Birders will find the Kuimbashiri Bird Sanctuary, a home to a variety of bird species producing a perfect nature. We also offer the amazing services of motorcycle taxis where together with one of our guides you get an effective tour of the city stopping only in places of interest.


If you are interested in a diminutive adrenaline rush, we prepare for you to go skydiving with one of the best-experienced instructors. If your wish is to see the lion, cheetah, and other animals while equestrian on our safari jeep then visits the Lion Park for this fascinating experience.

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