Ol Doinyo Lengai is situated in Tanzania, near the south end of the East African Rift. At 2878meters, Mt. Ol Doinyo Lengai is the only known volcano in the world that sometimes erupts natrocarbonatite lava, highly fluid lava that contains almost no silicon. Natrocarbonatite lava (most fluid lava) is also much cooler than other lavas.  During the day most of this lava flows look like fluid black oil. Some feel the lava flows resemble mud-like flows. 


Day 1: Depart Moshi or Arusha at 7.00 am and drive to Ngaresero village (Lake Natron) with packed lunch. This is about 8 hours driving. Dinner and overnight at Kamakia camp.


Day 2: At very early morning 1:00 a.m. drive to the base of the Ol’doinyo Lengai mountain to start the climb. Reach at the summit during sunrise and spend some time there before coming down to the base of the mountain. From there, clients will be transferred by jeep to Kamakia camp for shower and rest. Dinner and overnight at Kamakia camp.


Day 3: Breakfast then drive back to Arusha or Moshi. This depends on the itinerary.

Ol Doinyo Lengai is situated in Tanzania, near the south end of the East African Rift. It is notable for its peculiar carbonatitic lava at low temperatures. Activity takes place mainly in the crater offset in the N, approximately 100 m below the top, where hornitos (small cones) and pit craters cause lava flow and spread. Eruptions were observed since the end of the 19th century; in April 2017, the current eruption began and recently were characterized by small crater lava flows (BGVN 45:09). This paper covers similar activities between September 2020 and February 2021, using mostly satellite data information.

The Louis and Mary Leakey excavated evidence of the humanity's evolution in several different strata of different sediments. These depict the transition from lake to dry grassland created by a river and profoundly influenced by volcanic activity. African Mecca Safaris recommends an exciting tour into the Olduvai Gorge, not to miss when taking a life-changing holiday in Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Paleontologists Wilhelm Kattwinkel and Hans Reck found fossil remains of extinct 3-dot horses in Olduvai in 1911 and of a hominid skeleton in 1913. But additional investigations were interrupted by the war. The Leakeys had to put a stop to their excavation till the end of the Second World War and between independence fighting in Kenya and Tanzania (East Africa Protectorate). Homo habilis with half of the size of the brain of modern man, probably with the addition of Parandhropus boisei with more apelike features, a sagittal crest, but a rounded cranial brain and a strong jaw, called the "Nutcracker Man" who had been there until 1,75 million years ago and was thought of using simple tools, were detected in the deepest layer from 2 million years ago.


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