If your planning for a tour holiday to Dar national Museum consider Africa Travelers Ltd as your safari tour specialist. The National Museum of Dar es Salaam is a facility that exhibits the history of Tanzania, situated in the heart of CBD Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania. It contains 3 huge buildings and is the oldest in the country. The following are some of the museum sections: The section about rock arts, Section on contemporary art, The human race's cradle, Adult-only library, A children's library and Life in the sea.

There's a tiny unique collection for antique car enthusiasts, including a Rolls-Royce utilized by the British colonial authority and afterwards by Julius Nyerere. The House of Culture, a recent addition, includes an educational resource center, a modern music venue, and a contemporary art display area.


The museum stores historical information of Tanzania. Most of the actual content however is about history, not the actual photos. Video or audio explanations are not present, thus more reading is needed to obtain information, unless you've had a guided tour, of course. Two libraries exist in close proximity, one for children and another for adults. Each of these has tablets to browse the archives of the library.

The Museum also contains a number of artifacts of importance, such as one of the automobiles used by Sheik Hussein of Kilwa in the 18th century to bomb the 1998 US embassy or images never previously seen by JK Nyerere. There's a propeller from the first aircraft that tried to fly from Cairo to Cape Town.

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