Explore the city of Mwanza with African Travelers Ltd, as you ensure our staff has excellent experience and safety. Mwanza is a harbor town in Northwestern Tanzania, located on the South Coast of Lake Victoria, which is often known by its inhabitants as "Rock City." After Dar es Salaam, Tanzania was the second-largest town, 1 182 000 urban population in 2021. This is at least the second largest city in the Lake Victoria basin after Kampala in Uganda and at least before Kisumu in Kenya. Mwanza is the fifth-largest city in the Eastern African Community after Dar, Mombasa, Nairobi and Kampala. Kigali in Bujumbura and Kisumu are a little ahead of the population of the city. It (Mwanza) is also the capital of Mwanza and is divided into two districts within that region.

Bismarck Rock is Mwanza's emblem and is an unstable boulder overlooking the beautiful rocky hump in the lake near to the ferry pier of Kamanga. A spectacular sunset sight is the small park here. It is a good city for exploring the surrounding national park of Rubondo Island and the western portions of the Serengeti. National Park of Rubondo Island offers nice day trips and bird watching on the shores of the lake.


A short distance from western Serengeti makes Mwanza an essential stop for those who would like to observe the Serengeti beauty without a safari parade and seasonal crowds to see a less bustic portion of the park. Mwanza is also the center of the Sukuma tribe, which for centuries has been the largest tribe in Tanzania. The local cultural centers might organize cultural tourism programs in their local communities and farms. Make your Mwanza tour one of your amazing tours by been one of African Travelers Ltd clients.

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