Mahale mountains tour not a tour without making African Travelers Ltd your safari tour specialists. Beautiful Mahale sits on the edge of Lake Tanganyika, unique since only small aircraft and boats may be accessed. There are no roads and very little infrastructure that helped to conserve the area as a chimpanzee habitat. Mahale boasts the world's largest population of chimpanzees. Your chimpanzee adventure begins as you listen to chimpanzees on a journey through the rain forest. You'll spend as much time with them as you can when they walk through the forest. You are not too used to it so that your experience is genuine.

The vegetation of the park varies from ancient rainforest in Central Africa and Miombo woodlands and open savannah grasslands where species of birds and mammals overlap with those found west of Nile and Congo. The species that you can find in Mahale include gigantic forest pangolines and red Colobus monks in central Africa as well as lions, leopards, elephants, wild dogs, roans, and sand antelopes. Because the fault line of Lake Tanganyika is in the Albertine Rift - in the West of the Great Rift Valley – there are numerous endemic birds including the akalat Alexander, the lemon dove, and the Apalis Kungwean. The palm nut vauture, the Pel's fishing owl and the colorful Narina trogon are other birds in Mahale.

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