The awesome coral gardens, an abundance of fish and a laid-back diving environment in Mafia Island Marine Park African Travelers Ltd will makes sure you experience all that when you choose us your safari touring specialist. The area is home to an abundance of birds and over 400 varieties of fish. Mafia Island is also a traditional nesting spot for the endangered green turtle. Mafia is also a popular spot for deep-sea fishing, particularly for tuna, marlin, sailfish, and other large game fish.

This island paradise first attracted inhabitants in the eighth or ninth centuries and African travelers Ltd you see the paradise island (mafia). Mafia has developed into a more significant settlement from the 12th to 14th centuries, occupying a strategic position on the East African commerce routes.

Mafia Island is a wonderful getaway from the daily grind. Without constructed roads and a few guests, this island remains pristine and undisturbed. It's reminiscent of Zanzibar a few decades ago. The ambiance is tranquil, and the islanders are extremely hospitable. While on the ground there is a lot of wildlife such as monkeys, shrubs, hippos and antelopes. Look at a variety of birds, eat on the white sandy beach and enjoy the wonderful sunset. Swim and snorkel during low tides.

Half of the shoreline of the Mafia is part of the Marine Park of Mafia Island; a natural park with coral reefs, mangroves and lakes. This is Indian Ocean's largest protected area. For dives and shallow divers, a coral reef with 50 different corals and over 460 fish species is a paradise. The mafia's pristine and spectacular diving site remains a secret.

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