You planning a tireless safari tour to Lake Victoria you don’t have to worry since African Travelers Ltd will ensure that your tour isn’t hectic. Visitors visit Saa Nane Island (Two O'clock), Rubondo Island National Park and participate in a variety of cultural tourist programs in the area. The lake features a number of outstanding species of tropical freshwater fish, many of which are shipped worldwide to aquariums. The coasts are serene and uncluttered and offer a quiet alternative to the constant action and thrill of a safari route. Sloping slopes lead to the lake's beautiful blue waters, while fish eagles swoop at dawn and in the evening are keenly looking for the small fish who swim in the rich waters of Victoria. Birdwatching and fishing expeditions are popular, and boating excursions and excursions can be organized.

Many archipelagos, as are countless reefs, are located in the lake, frequently only below the clear water surface. Lake Victoria consists of around 200 fish species, the most economically important of which is the Tilapia. The lake area of the basin is 92,240 square miles (238,900 square km). A spectacular panorama of one of the final densely dense and evergreen Congolese forest with unique ecosystem mosaic in the middle of great biodiversity.


Cultural venues include "Ntungamirwe," "Maji Matakatifu," "Altare" and "Solo" explaining the life of indigenous people who stayed in the park once.

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