Nigeria Tourist Attractions

Nigeria Tourist Attractions

Nigeria is a tourist attraction country and thus has lots of lovely sites to entertain visitors. When traveling to Nigeria be sure to enjoy the beautiful scenes of Nigeria to enjoy your stay here. Nigeria is a beautiful country with beaches, mountains, falls, forests, gloves, plateau, ranches, and many others that creates an attraction to the eye. Here are some of the common attractions sights in Nigeria that you can’t miss to visit;

Ibeno beach

Nigeria consists of many and major attractions sights that leave the visitors with excitements and amused by the beauty, the sights include the Ibeno beach located in Ibeno at Akwa Ibom estate, if you want to relax your mind then this beach with its roaring waves, unpolluted foliage of the mangrove forest, cool breeze from the water and the spots for sunbathing will give you a breathtaking experience. This beach is a good destination for tourists.

Obudu mountain resort

Obudu mountain resort in Nigeria is located on the Oshie ridge this resort has a beautiful experience and gives a good view which makes it one of the most famous tourist attractions.

Ngwo pine forest

This forest is located in Enugu state and its existence is just amazing. Nature has given this forest beautiful pine trees and a flowing stream that tends to lovers. This forest has a limestone cave with a waterfall by its side which falls into a shallow pool making it an amazing place to visit. This place is perfect for hiking.

Awhum waterfall

This waterfall is located in Enugu state which gives a taste to nature so if you love nature this place is a must-visit. This waterfall is a result of a giant outcrop of granite rock with water gushing over the top forming an amazing stream. The water is believed to have medicinal power and can scatter evil forces when interspersed.

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