Nakuru has officially become a city!

Nakuru, the fourth-largest urban center in Kenya, is located in the Great Rift Valley. Nakuru city lies near the Mau Escarpment and Lake Nakuru a great tourism attraction site known worldwide for its flamingos. Nakuru is said to have got its name due to the Maasai inhabitants. Had a township status in 1904 and rose to be a municipality a few years later. It is known to be a white highland as it has rich agricultural soil, great weather, and a location next to a number of water bodies. It is also known to be a home to most known politicians in Kenya one of them being the first president of Kenya.

Nakuru town was awarded a charter to become a city by the current and fourth president of Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta. A function that saw many known leaders attending, the likes of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The town is now the fourth city in Kenya and is being praised for being the cleanest city in Kenya and East Africa at large. During the occasion, the president launched a railway line that connects Nakuru to Kisumu and affordable housing projects to improve the housing in Nakuru city. This news brings great joy to the residents as improvement in transport, water and sanitization, health services, and communication is set to take a high notch.

Impact on the Tourism sector in Kenya

The tourism sector is to experience an upper hand as the President announced the construction of an airport in the city to open up the county and city. This also creates job opportunities as roads to the airport are to be improved. The public parks which offer residents and visitors like tourists are set to be improved as a result of city status. Nakuru as a city will offer affordable tour packages for various classes such as the economy and mid-range for both local and international tourists. The improvement in housing has boosted the security in the city as slums which are known for insecurities are out of the question. Improvement in security impacts the overall image of the city hence making it easier and safer for tourists to visit.

Visit Lake Nakuru and have a magical experience of the beautiful scenery brought by the flamingos at the shores giving a sight of itself. Maasai Mara National Reserve should be on your to-do list to experience the wild and nature at large. Nakuru being chartered as a city we are now anticipating to see many improvements as per economical, social and political is concerned.

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