Kenyan climate

Kenyan climate depends on the location but generally, it’s mostly cool during the day or warm and hot. Along the coastal regions, the climate is tropical such that the temperatures are higher throughout the year though at the coastal cities like Mombasa and Lamu the air changes from cool to hot. Kenya has both long and short spots of rain, cool and dry seasons. In late April, May and early June Kenya experiences its long rains while in November and December short rains. From late June to October, the cool season begins which has fewer rains and the dry seasons comes in from mid-December to March. With this climate, you can check when best to travel in Kenya but remember that in all the seasons and weather changes Kenya has something captivating to you all around the year.

In Kenya, climate change is controlled by the fact that the Indian Ocean exists so the high pressure causes this change and effect. Northeast winds dominate the northern part while southeast winds take charge of the south making the surroundings dry or rainy. Southwest winds control the north of the equator while the southeast winds control the south. The rift valley is dry while the highlands can be rainy throughout the Kenya, the semi-arid and arid regions of northern, northeastern and southern Kenya experience high temperatures and on the southern coast, good agriculture is very possible. Memories are made in this so make sure you visit Kenya during different seasons so that you can enjoy the packages that with the different weather change as you learn what Kenyan people do during the seasons to survive.

African travellers will help in planning your journey for they go to the eastern communities to have a firsthand experience so that they can advise accordingly so if you are planning a holiday in Kenya worry not about the weather changes. You will be guided on what to carry depending on the present conditions in the location and maybe places to stay making your stay enjoyable and memorable. Kenya is a beautiful country such that even with different climate change there is something good to enjoy about it. Choosing your safari with the African travellers limited is the best deal for there are clear about the packages and will always take you to the top and the best destinations in the beautiful land of Kenya. Kenyan people love visitors and safaris so be sure that you will always find people celebrating your stay in Kenya and want to take you around no matter how cold, dry or wet it is. African travellers pride themselves in safaris so be sure that the experience will give you a desire to always come back. KARIBU KENYA

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