Things To Do In Kamiranzovu Hiking Trail Rwanda

Kamiranzovu Hiking Trail Rwanda

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If you are planning an exciting adventure tour to Rwanda, then the Kamiranzovu trail hike should be on your to-do list. The Kamiranzovu trail is in the Nyungwe National Park, this hike allows you to discover hidden gems in the park like the Kamiranzovu waterfalls.

            The Kamiranzovu hike comprises three hours of hikes on leading waterfalls, swamps, and wetlands on the 6-kilometer trail. The hiking is quite easy and does not require you to have any experience whatsoever. 

The trail was named after the Kamiranzovu swamp and is magnificently beautiful taking the shape of a caldera because of its huge watershed draining its waters between two peaks surrounded by montane forests and lush vegetation. 

The Kamiranzovu hike has two trails you choose from, one is shorter, and. it lets you reach the Kamiranzovu marsh fast. The other trail is long and has a captivating curve towards the east rounding the Kamiranzovu marsh. 

You would like this trail as it engulfs you in the scenic beauty of the sight which includes bird watching, there are numerous bird species very ideal for bird watchers.

            This hike gives you a magical hiking experience where along the trail you will be able to view the whole Kamiranzovu outlet, and have clear views of Lake Tanganyika, Lake Kivu, and the Congo River. 

The trail later connects with the Uwinka trail at the end at its northern end also giving you picturesque views and taking you back to the Uwinka reception center, the park’s headquarters.

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