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For visitors who would like to embark on a safari tour in Kenya, there are a few things to consider.  It is always important to know the best time to visit Kenya depending on your preferred safari tour. 

Whether you want to watch wild beats migration, whether you want to do a safari game drive in Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, or Nairobi National Park among others. Kenyan climate depends on the location but generally, it’s mostly cool during the day or warm and hot.  

The climate plays an important role in safari destinations and what people can see when they decide to visit during a certain period.  This article will help you to know when is the best time for you to visit Kenya and also to help you know what best works for you and which type of weather and climate you would love to enjoy when starting your safari experience in Kenya. 

This article will provide a detailed overview of the Kenyan climate in consideration of different regions of Kenya as well as the rainy seasons of the country.

What is the climate in Kenya?

Along the coastal regions, the climate is tropical such that the temperatures are higher throughout the year though at the coastal cities like Mombasa and Lamu the air changes from cool to hot. Kenya has both long and short spots of rain and cool and dry seasons. In late April, May and early June Kenya experiences long rains while in November and December short rains. 

From late June to October, the cool season begins which has fewer spots of rain and the dry season comes in from mid-December to March. With this climate, you can check when best to travel in Kenya but remember that in all the seasons and weather changes Kenya has something captivating to you all around the year.

In Kenya, climate change is controlled by the fact that the Indian Ocean exists so the high pressure causes this change and effect. Northeast winds dominate the northern part while southeast winds take charge of the south making the surroundings dry or rainy.

 Southwest winds control the north of the equator while the southeast winds control the south. The rift valley is dry while the highlands can be rainy throughout the year. 

In Kenya, the semi-arid and arid regions of northern, northeastern, and southern Kenya experience high temperatures and on the southern coast, good agriculture is very possible. 

Memories are made in this so make sure you visit Kenya during different seasons so that you can enjoy the packages with the different weather changes as you learn what Kenyan people do during the seasons to survive.

What is the best time to visit Kenya?

This question can be tricky to answer because people who visit Kenya come from different continents and countries.  For example, a large number of people who comes to Kenya consist of Americans according to the statistics for 2021. The second country which sends many international tourists to Kenya in Uganda. 

Tanzania is the third and China is number four. The United Kingdom ranks number five to send the greatest number of tourists to Kenya, whereas India and Rwanda rank respectively number six and seventh.  

Somalia, Nigeria, and Ethiopia also send thousands of visitors to Kenya every year. People who like a mild climate and when the game drive is at the pick can consider visiting Kenya between January and the end of March. During this time, safari destinations in Kenya are at their best in general.


Many people are assuming that the best thing to see in Kenya is the wild beast migration but that is not true. This is because wildlife can be seen throughout the year depending on the purpose of the trip. For example, photographers might decide the best time to visit depending on the kind of photo shot they want to take.

To see the best of Kenya: September to April. Many animals give birth and many birds migrate.

There are plenty of activities to do on Kenyan safari between the month of September to April. For example, many babies of wild animals are born during this period and it can be a beautiful sight to behold animals giving life to newborn babies and learn more about the early and nursing styles of different animals in Kenyan National park. 

Apart from the babies born in the national parks of Kenya, there are migratory birds that move to Kenya during this period of the year. Therefore, visiting Kenya during this period can give you a spectacular sight and an exciting moment to see a large number of bird species flocking together like never before. These migratory birds come from Northern Africa and Europe to visit Kenya.


The first two months of the year consist of the warmest season in Kenya and during this time the concentration of animals is high in different National Parks such as Nakuru National Park, Amboseli, and Masai Mara among others. 

It should be noted divers can take this opportunity to enjoy the clear visibility of the ocean. There is a low concentration of animals during March and April because of the rainy season and most of the time the roads are flooded with water

April to May is good for photographers in Kenya.

Due to the vibrant green landscapes and stormy skies, photographers can enjoy this period of the year during their visit to Kenya. Due to wet weather and mountains are slippery and poor wildlife watching is not favorable to animal watching. 

However, people with low budget can take advantage and bargain a good price mostly because there is no high number of incoming visitors hence tour operators strives to offer good discounts during this season.

June to early September is the longest dry the dry season and good for visitors

This is the time when tourism in Kenya is at its peak with a great number of incoming tourists from across the world. The majority of slots are fully booked during this period and prices are relatively high compared to other seasons. For people who would like to go on a safari tour in the Masai Mara. 

The best time to watch the wild beast migration in the Masai Mara is between the month of June and August. It is during this season when a herd of wildebeest crosses the river in large numbers of offers an exciting experience to visitors. 

It is worth noting that the most popular activities to do in Masai Mara National Reserve are camping and walks, hot air balloons, village trips, bird Watching as well as game drives.

How to select the best tour company for your Kenyan Visit?

Many companies are offering Kenya safari services that you can check and choose from. Some of the many criteria of a good safari company include, its knowledge of the destinations offered, its online presence and activities, recommendations as well as good communication. 

You can check a company’s profile and see the kind of safari tour packages they offer, reach out to them via email, or phone call and ask about the prices of their Kenyan safari tour packages, as well as ask any other questions you might have about your upcoming visit to Kenya. 

For example, the majority of questions we receive at AFRICAN TRAVELLERS Ltd when we receive contact from the first time client, ask us about the VISA requirements to visit Kenya, they also ask us what are the COVID terms and requirements for visitors who are coming to a safari tour in Kenya. 

We also get asked many questions about prices for connecting a trip across East African countries and what to bring when embarking on a safari trip to Africa.


A good tour company should be able to answer any of the above questions and be in a position to help you with your trip planning. 

A good and experienced Safari company will help in planning your journey for they go to the eastern communities to have a firsthand experience so that they can advise accordingly so if you are planning a holiday in Kenya worry not about the weather changes. 

You will be guided on what to carry depending on the present conditions in the location and maybe places to stay making your stay enjoyable and memorable. Kenya is a beautiful country such that even with different climate changes there is something good to enjoy about it. 

Choosing your safari with a local Tour Operator or one from the East African Community countries is the best deal for they are clear about the packages and will always take you to the top and the best destinations in the beautiful land of Kenya. 

Kenyan people love visitors and safaris so be sure that you will always find people celebrating your stay in Kenya who want to take you around no matter how cold, dry or wet it is. Kenyan people pride themselves on safaris so be sure that the experience will give you a desire to always come back. KARIBU KENYA

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