Africandd Travellers Ltd, we make planning excursions easier for you due to our expertise and experience. Our consultancy team helps plan your excursion. We offer various affordable packages for both economy and mid-range classes. Akagera is located at120km from the capital city, Kigali, and lies in the eastern part of Rwanda embracing the Tanzanian border. The park is a protected area covering 1,122 Km2 characterized by Savannah, swamps, woodlands, and low mountains.

This is the only Savannah park where we do game drives, we provide you with a custom-made car, driver, and a guide for the ultimate experience. The park has a spectacular landscape and you can be able to spot so many wild animals in a short span of time. The wild animals in this park include lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffalos, roan antelopes, baboons, hippos among others. The most fantastic is a drive northward from the south in a day, it will give you the best adventurous experience with the view from the top of the mountain across lake Ihema and you’ll be able to see many animals. We also offer night game drives for you to experience thrilling adventures.

Other than game driving there are other activities that can be done in the park. One may engage in boat cruises around water bodies in the park such as Lakes Ihema and Shakuni. There are morning cruises where you will have a nice view of the herbivores in the park and evening cruises where you will watch the magnificent view of the sunset. Sportfishing around the lakes where at the end you get a fish after the entertaining activity. There are also nature walks and cultural encounters where a guide takes you through the life of refugees who settled in Rwanda due to political instability in their native country Tanzania. Akagera National Park is a fun place to visit to connect with nature and escape the normal. Book with us today for the best experience.

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